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Anika Industrial Garden

Project details

  • Anika Industrial Garden
  • Unimas Sportswear Ltd., which is subsidiary of Mainland Headwear Holdings Ltd., Hong Kong
  • Bagbari, Kashimpur, Gazipur, Bangladesh
  • B+G+10-Storied Garments Factory
Total Floor Area: 4,00,000 sft

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Structural Design, Construction

 Supervision and Coordination among MEP Design Engineers


10 storied building with one basement. Floor live is 10 kPa as per requirement of factory authority and 40 MT heavily loaded Vehicle pass through the building. Initially foreign consultant designed the piles for a certain capacity and factory has constructed as per design. After construction of 70 percent piles, pile load tests are conducted and the result was found to be inadequate. Then we solved it by prescribing piled raft foundation without additional piles.

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