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Geo5 Software Sales and Training


“Geotech and Structures (GnS)” is the sole agent of GEO5 software developed by fine softwares. GEO5  is a geotechnical software which is easy to use by professional geotechnical engineers, civil engineers, structural engineers and geologists. GEO5 is a software package containing a bunch of individual programs, providing solution for majority of geotechnical tasks. All the individual programs have the same user interface and communicate with each other, while each program verifies definite structure type.

List of geotechnical problems you can solve using GEO5 software:
  1. Shallow foundation design
  2. Settlement calculation
  3. Pile analysis and design under axial and lateral load
  4. Slope stability analysis
  5. RCC retaining wall analysis and design
  6. Reinforced earth retaining wall
  7. Reinforced earth slope analysis
  8. Shore pile design
  9. Braced excavation design
  10. Sheet pile design
  11. Finite Element Modeling of any geotechnical problem in 2D
Specialty of Geo5 software
  1. Extremely user-friendly interface
  2. Individual programs can be used to solve specific type of problems without any complicated numerical modeling
  3. Combination of FEM and individual programs to solve complex problems easily
  4. Many standards and codes are implemented in Geo5 which makes the software beneficial to professional engineers around the world

There are different categories licensing suitable for individual professional to large professional organizations. To check the price, please visit price list of Geo5. Price of the software in Bangladesh will be the price listed in the website plus local tax and custom duty. For details, please call us at +8801885973767 or +8801781774411 or email us gns@geostruc.com

How confident we are

More than 6000 clients are using Geo5 software in 145 countries.

Training on Geo5 Software

“Geotech and Structures (GnS)” provide technical support and training on Geo5 Software. We use this software professionally. So, we know it better how to solve geotechnical problems using this software. Our technical adviser Professor Dr. Jahangir Alam who is the Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering Expert in the country shall provide hands on training about the use of Geo5. The training fee is not included in the software price. Training fee will be determined based on the hours and number of programs need to be taught.

Dealer in Bangladesh

We are the only dealer  in Bangladesh now.